About VacuTec


Founded under the old name of Vakutronik in 1956, VacuTec has been doing pioneering work in the development of ionizing radiation detectors. Today, VacuTec is an internationally active business with a staff of more than 50 highly qualified and motivated employees. VacuTec develops and markets a wide spectrum of ionization chambers and counter tubes which are used for medical applications, measurements in industry, environmental monitoring and analyses.  


In-house research and development capacities as well as a radiation laboratory used for physical experiments, development and the calibration of products put the company in a position to develop products which parameters meet highest standards, but also customized solutions for a wide range of applications. Located at the traditional high-tech site of Dresden, the company has entered into close cooperation with universities and other local research institutions.  



VacuTec's lean corporate structure, modern production technologies and detailed knowledge of the markets and customer requirements make it a flexible and reliable partner for any customer. It goes without saying that VacuTec offers comprehensive advisory and after-sales services for all of its products. 


The fact that the company operates according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 ensures both high quality and reliability, and reproducibility of the parameters of all products. Medical equipment is manufactured in compliance with the medical device directive.



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