Environmental Simulation

VacuTec Meßtechnik operates an own climatic test chamber for humidity and temperature simulations at elektronics and other components. The climate cabinet is used for environmental simulations in R&D as well as for production purposes. In addition we offer sharing of the climatic test chamber to our customers for measurements and studies. Of course trained Vacutec staff assists that. Please contact us in accordance to your requirements. (Please note: VacuTec does not produce or sell climatic test chambers!)


Technical specifications

Manufacturer/Type: Vötsch/ VC3 7034

Temperature range: -72°C ... 180°C

Humidity range: 10 % ... 98 %

Test space volume: 335 l


Climatic tests with radiation

VacuTec Messtechnik GmbH is licensed to handle radioactive sources for tests in production as well as for development of radiation detectors. This approval includes the operation of radiation sources of temperature class 4 (acc. to DIN-ISO 25426, part 1, table 4 and ISO 2919) inside the climatic test chamber. Currently only a 241-Am-source is available with this certification.

Herewith it is the possibilty to make temperature and humidity tests also on devices when radioactive exposed. Such tests can be offered e.g. to manufacturers of radiation detectors and are assisted by trained VacuTec staff, of course.

VacuTec is offering further radiometric measuremnts and services in its calibration laboratory.