Dose Rate Probes

The counter probes 70 091 and 70 045 were developed to be able to provide efficient solutions to a great variety of measuring problems. Its field of application ranges from environmental monitoring to measuring functions in nuclear power stations. The tubes are fully enclosed in a robust and waterproof aluminium housing. Counter tube combinations can be selected for optimum adjustment to the measuring problem to be solved. The digital interface RS 485 or USB (alternatively) makes it possible to communicate directly with a PC or build up networks with addressable single probes.            


Radiation Measuring Technology in Environment

Counter Tubes and Dose Rate Probes for Environmantal Measurements

VacuTec produces counter tubes for the measurement of alpha, beta, gamma, neutron and X-ray. The detectors are used for measurement of the radiation level in radiation protection and environmental monitoring.
Our dose rate probes have been developed for effective adaptation to a variety of measurement tasks. They are used for measurements of the low-dose range in the environment up to measuring tasks in nuclear power plants.