Dose Area Product Measuring System VacuDAP

VacuDAP systems - patient safety by Dose Area Product monitoring

The European Guideline 97/43/EURATOM requires the determination of the patient dose in X-ray applications especially with children and when using higher doses. The VacuDAP system for automatic measuring of the dose area product complies fully with this requirement. (IEC 60580)

The modular VacuDAP dose area product measuring system offers various ionization chambers and configurations for a wide range of X-ray equipment. The VacuDAP measuring system is used to measure the Dose Area Product (DAP). This value is most suitable to indicate the patient dose in X-ray diagnostics.

The transparent ionization chambers fit easily into the accessory rails at the collimator. Adapted circular ionization chambers are used for complete integration into C-arm machines. All devices are equipped with a serial interface for transfer data files to a printer or a PC. Different printer, adaptor and PC software is available as an accessory.

Air Kerma- / Dosisflächenprodukt Messystem - VacuDAP duo

VacuDAP systems - patient safety by Dose Area Product and Air kerma monitoring

The system VacuDAP duo allows to determine Dose Area Product, Dose Area Product Rate, Air Kerma, Air Kerma Rate and irradiation time.

So the system fully complies with international regulations for Patient Dosimetry in radiography and fluoroscopy systems (IEC 60601-2-54, IEC 60601-2-43, 21 CFR 1020.32, IEC 60580).


Dose Area Product (DAP) meter VacuDAP

VacuDAP - C / VacuDAP - C Bluetooth

The configuration with round ionization chambers to measure the dose area product has been developed for full integration into C-arm X-ray equipment. The ionization chambers are adapted to the respective device specification. The measurement electronics deliver the measurement results as an ASCII protocol via the serial interface to a host computer. The operation and display of the measured values ​​takes place via the operating console of the X-ray machine.

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VacuDAP - C Bluetooth

For much easier installation of Dose Area Product meters for C-arm machines VaucTec developed a wireless model of VacuDAP - C the VacuDAP - C Bluetooth®. Herewith datas and commands may be sent without any cable instalations from the measuring chamber to the host computer. Functionality of the measuring chamber and flexibility in size are comparable to the well-proven VacuDAP - C.