Calibration Laboratory

VacuTec Messtechnik GmbH operates a calibration laboratory with metrological precisely specified photon radiation facility with standard photon fields for the development and production of radiation detectors. VacuTec offers sharing of the calibration laboratory for external users. Of course trained Vacutec staff assists that. In addition we offer to make radiometric measurements on customer's behalf. Please contact us in accordance to your requirements.

Irradiation Facility

The calibration laboratory has two irradiation facilities for the calibration of radiation protection instruments in free air:

  • Cs-137 and Co-60 sources with different source strengths
  • X-ray equipment YXLON MG325 (320 kV, 4.5 kW) with filter sets for the production of standard X-ray spectra and X-ray radiation qualities

The variation in photons flux / dose rate is carried out by positioning the measuring stage on a 5 m long linear axis with a stepping motor. There are distance of 30 cm to 5 m available. The measuring stage has bores and grooves for the reception of the measurement object. It can be rotated around the vertical axis with a stepping motor. The central rays of the collimated beam and the gap positions can be marked by laser beams for the adjustment of the measuring object.

The measuring sections are measured using calibrated reference measuring chambers. The absolute detection sensitivity of them is monitored at regular intervals for the various radiation qualities with certified traceability to the PTB primary standard. The measuring chambers in different sizes are available at any time for further reference measurements.