Dose Rate Probes

The counter probes 70 091 and 70 045 were developed to be able to provide efficient solutions to a great variety of measuring problems. Its field of application ranges from environmental monitoring to measuring functions in nuclear power stations. The tubes are fully enclosed in a robust and waterproof aluminium housing. Counter tube combinations can be selected for optimum adjustment to the measuring problem to be solved. The digital interface RS 485 or USB (alternatively) makes it possible to communicate directly with a PC or build up networks with addressable single probes.            


Counter-Tubes (GM-, P-, N-)

Geiger-Mueller Tubes

For more than 50 years VacuTec has been developing and manufacturing Geiger-Mueller Tubes in top-standard glass and chrome iron technology. In the high-dose range and for detection of particle and low-energy X-radiation VacuTec can supply newly developed counter tubes with iron chromium cathodes as miniature and end-window tubes. With this wide range of products we can offer the right counter tube for a multitude of applications. The development of customized tubes is also a part of our activities.


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Typical Applications

VacuTec's Geiger-Mueller Tubes are designed for detection and measuring of:

  • Alpha-particles
  • Beta-particles
  • Gamma-radiation
  • X-radiation

Fields of applications:

  • Personal security (e.g. dosimeter, survey-meter)
  • Recording of radiation levels (e.g. Dose Rate Monitors)
  • Contamination-Monitoring
  • Non-destructive material testing and thickness measurement (on-line density- and thickness measurement) 
  • contactless level measurement
  • Oil industry (borehole measurement)
  • Scientific research

For usage in the fields of dosimetry and environmental protection our counter tubes are available with energy compensation according to Ambient Dose Equivalent H*10 (type A) or Exposure Dose Equivalent (type E). All types meet the strict standards of PTB, ANSI and IEEE.

Besides Geiger-Mueller Tubes as components we also offer complete Dose Rate Monitors for environmental protection, room and personal monitoring.

Selection Guide

Geiger-Müller-Tubes are designed for various fields of applications.

Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-Detectors:
Detection of Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation at low dose rates. This mica-window tubes are used for monitoring all types of radiation in the environment.

Beta und Gamma Detectors:
These detectors are used for detection of Beta and Gamma radiation at low, intermediate and high dose rates.

Gamma Detectors:
Detection of Gamma radiation at low dose rates. These tubes are suitable for use in environmental monitoring, and for points which may have particles of radioactive sources on them.


Cross Reference List

In addition you can have an overview of different Geiger Mueller Tubes by help of the cross reference list.